Common Food Superstitions: How Many Do You Believe?

Food-related superstitions that you might just fall for

Superstitions are a weird thing. On the one hand, they’re plainly untrue, which is good because otherwise we’d spend half of our GDP on sidewalk repairs to prevent the paralysis of every mother in America. On the other hand, when was the last time you saw a shooting star without going ahead and making a wish just in case? They don’t make any sense and we don’t believe them, but deep down something in us can’t help but abide by them. These little, almost involuntary, actions serve as minute rituals that provide a brief sense of control as we make our way through daily life.

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Since so many superstitions aim to imbue common objects with uncommon powers to help or harm us, it’s no surprise that many are about food and common kitchen items, which are so central to our health and well-being. Here are some common and not-so-common food superstitions for you to pretend not to believe in.

— Brooklyn Supper, Babble


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