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Olives for Dinner — Glazed Tofu with Fiery Sriracha Pearls

Olives for Dinner was created by a lifelong vegan at heart, who took some time to figure out her calling. She created this blog in January of 2011, with an approach centered on "the strategic selection and application of spices, herbs, and oils with other complimentary [sic] textures and flavors." A few things to remember about her recipes are that most of them are not low-fat; she uses hot sauces liberally and frequently; she uses, creates, and loves mock meats and cheeses; and she believes that presentation is as important as taste. In this post, Olives for Dinner shares a delectable-looing tofu recipe — something she once hated, and has since perfected the art of cooking.

My Catholic Kitchen — The Perfect Roast Chicken

My Catholic Kitchen is a blog by Veronica, "a Catholic, mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend" who started this blog to chronicle her life. She loves freshly baked bread, Krispy Kreme donuts, good coffee, fried chicken, and the entire category of comfort food. She also loves cooking, photographing her creations, and sharing them with you. Although "a work in progress," she invites you to share in her journey. In this post, Veronica talks about chicken, and provides the perfect recipe for an easy, delicious, roast chicken.

Heather Likes Food — Strawberry Lemonade Crepes

Heather Likes Food aims to "give you the inspiration, recipes, tips and tricks that you need to be able to eat incredibly every day," without a lot of time spent, money wasted, or extra fancy ingredients. Here, she shares a recipe for her Strawberry Lemonade Crepes, a dish that we won’t mind giving a whirl.

Dinners, Dishes & Desserts — Italian Tortellini Soup

Dinners, Dishes & Desserts is a blog by a family-oriented Colorado mom with a desire to share her recipes and try new things. Here, this Colorado mom targets the spring cooks who are still in colder climates, giving them a soup that shouldn’t only be reserved for winter.

Amuse Bouche — An Entire Menu Worth Ordering at Salt & Fat

Amuse Bouche is a "hodgepodge of individual, bite-sized musings." It is this blogger's hope that her  "nibbles, like an amuse-bouche, will not only whet your palate, but also expose a porthole into [her]adventures with cooking and dining...  as well as living and thriving in New York City." In this post, Amuse Bouche gives a review and mouthwatering photographs of Sunnyside, N.Y., restaurant, Salt & Fat.

Restless Chipotle — Deep Chocolate Layer Cake with Marshmallow Mint Buttercream

Restless Chipotle is here to help you "channel your inner tart and create irresistible delights." In this post, a recipe for chocolate layer cake with marshmallow mint buttercream has us ready to get baking.

Whisked. Eat Your Heart Out — Kale Caesar

Whisked. Eat Your Heart Out is a blog by Ilana Freddye, a 20-something currently studying at the Culinary Institute of America who loves to cook, bake, eat, draw, paint, and take photos. In this post, Ilana shares her recipe for a kale Caesar salad, snagged from Bon Appétit and altered to her liking.

Bella Vivere — Review: Banh Mi Café (Duluth, Ga.)

Bella Vivere is all about restaurant news. In this post, they talk about Georgia restaurant Banh Mi Café, which opened in late November 2012.

Coconut & Lime — Jammy Ice Cream Soda

Coconut & Lime is a "seventh generation Baltimorean, dog owner, reader, movie-watcher, sunglass-wearer," and, wait for it… "food lover." After starting Coconut & Lime back in 2004 as a way to record recipes and share with friends, it and she have since developed into a full time blog/blogger, professional recipe developer, food columnist, two-time cookbook author, and amateur food photographer. Here, she spices up the ice cream soda, adding jam to the mix.

The Bubbly Girl — Drew Barrymore Has a Wine Brand… But Did You Know She’s a Foodie?

The Bubbly Girl was started as a mode of chronicling this born-to-be-wine-and-food-writer’s adventures and experiences. She specializes in bubbly wine and champagne, and has the resources to help you understand and learn more about them. She also produces cocktail and food recipes designed for entertaining, and helps you pair sparkling wines with great food. In this post, The Bubbly Girl talks about Drew Barrymore, and her emerging role as a bona fide foodie (and her wine brand).