Come and Get it with the Culinary Content Network: 4/6/2013 Slideshow

Prevention RD — Avocado Deviled Eggs

Prevention RD, authored by registered dietitian Nicole, was started as a way to stay "up to date" in nutrition, and to share that knowledge with her guests. Having overcome a weight-loss battle of her own, her work is passionate and relevant, and she loves her new double-life as the director of nutrition services at a small, local hospital, and as a home blogger, cook, and wife by night. In this post, Nicole provides a spin on the classic deviled egg recipe, adding the healthy fats and creaminess of an avocado filling.

Cupcakes & Cutlery — Mother-Daughter Weekend Trip to Palm Springs

Cupcakes & Cutlery aims to bring a California casual vibe to your family with her collection of original and curated content from around the Web. Here, she gets food-friendly in Palm Springs, relaying a mother-daughter trip and all the delicious bites involved.


Prevention RD — Chicken Tikka Pizzas

Prevention RD strikes again this week, with a recipe for combining a personal Indian favorite — Tikka Masala — with one of her husband's favorites — pizza.

Ingredients, Inc. — Non-Alcoholic Mojito

Ingredients, Inc. is a blog by Alison Lewis, editor-in-chief and founder of Healthy Travel, a digital magazine which launched in March of this year. She has a number of roles on her résumé, from cookbook author to television and social media spokesperson to president of Ingredients, Inc., a media consulting company in Birmingham, Ala. Here, Alison has spring on the mind, and creates a kid-friendly, and non-alcoholic, mojito. 

Delicious Dishings — Sausage Pizza Egg Rolls

Delicious Dishings is obsessed with food, in every way possible. After she started her blog as an outlet for talking about food (her friends and family may have helped her in this idea), she now obsesses over sharing recipes, feedback on recipe testing, and more. She is happily settled in her dream job as a copy editor for America's Test Kitchen, editing Cook's Illustrated, Cook's Country, and all of the special issues of both magazines, as well as marketing and web content, and being able to blog and share all of her findings with you. In this post, Delicious Dishing adopts a recipe from The Feed, a fun party appetizer that won’t stay on the plate for long, sausage pizza egg rolls.