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Our mission is to be all things food and drink. But we can't do that without voices from around the country (and the world). That's why The Daily Meal created the Culinary Content Network, an invitation-only community of recipe writers, restaurant reviewers, food bloggers, and photographers valued by our editors for their insight into all things culinary. It's a way to highlight a really special and diverse collection of passionate and knowledgeable voices, and allow The Daily Meal's readers and other contributors to get to know them as well.

If you're not familiar with The Daily Meal's Culinary Content Network, you should be. You'll find fresh content promoted daily on the homepage below the features section, as well as on the individual channel pages. What kind of things should you expect? Pumpkin bread, a roundup of places to eat in the Windy City, eerie halloween silhouettes, and soft and chewy apple blondies... these are just a few examples of the passionate members of the Culinary Content Network.

New recipes and great reviews are constantly being posted, but with our new newsletter redesign we're also bringing these great voices directly to your inbox. With this post, we're also going to regularly feature weekly roundups of some of the great stories from the Culinary Content Network that have been featured on The Daily Meal. Welcome, there's a world of great food and folk to explore.