Man Calls 911 From Restaurant Chimney

A man fell through an air duct and got stuck in a restaurant chimney
Wikimedia/Paris 16

A man called 911 and said he was stuck in the chimney of a local restaurant.

Police in Fort Collins, Colorado, got an unusual emergency call on Saturday night when the man on the line said he was calling from the chimney of a local restaurant and needed to be rescued.

According to the Coloradoan, 22-year-old Andrew Neely dialed 911 around 1 a.m. on Saturday and told dispatchers that he was stuck in the chimney of a local restaurant called Pueblo Viejo. Somehow he had fallen through the roof and gotten lodged into an air duct right above the restaurant’s frier.

The fire department and police investigated and discovered that Neely was actually stuck in the greasy air duct. It is unclear how he found himself in this position. Rescuers were able to hear him through the walls, and Neely was released after they dismantled the restaurant’s exhaust vents to reach him. He was reportedly unharmed.


No one but Neely knows for sure why he was on the restaurant’s roof in the first place, but he has been charged with trespassing.