Colorado Gets First Pot Vending Machine

Marijuana vending machine unveiled on restaurant patio
Twitter/Herbal Elements

Colorado now has a bright green vending machine dispensing marijuana edibles.

Yesterday afternoon in Avon, Colo., the outdoor patio of Montana’s Smokehouse hosted the dramatic unveiling of Colorado’s first-ever marijuana vending machine. Much excitement ensued.

According to Gawker, the bright green ZaZZZ vending machine will dispense marijuana-enhanced snacks to self-service customers, provided they have valid medical marijuana cards. The machine will scan the medical marijuana cards and check for a valid form of ID before dispensing anything, but if a customer’s credentials are in order they can just come up and serve themselves.

Stephen Shearin, founder of American Green, the company behind the ZaZZZ machines, said the vending machine option would be “great for shy folk.”

California already has marijuana vending machines, but they are all located behind the counters at medical dispensaries and can only be operated by counter staff. The ZaZZZ machine is self-service, so customers can make purchases without having to talk to anyone.

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The first ZaZZZ machine will be installed at Colorado’s Herbal Elements dispensary, which only services medical customers. Shearin says the vending machines won’t be put into public use until the company is confident they have met all necessary regulations.