This College Student Pays His Tuition By Eating

There are more important things to worry about in college than gaining the infamous Freshman 15, like, say, being able to afford it. That is why Eric "Silo" Dahl decided to competitively eat to fund his college tuition.

Dahl is a computer engineering student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and currently ranks third in the world for competitive eating, according to an AP press release.

Since 2011, Dahl has earned more than $18,000 in prize money, all of which has gone to his college tuition.

His largest haul came from the California State Fair, where he received $2,500 for eating 20 extra-large corndogs in eight minutes, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

Oddly enough, Dahl has managed to keep off the pounds by maintaining a strict diet and exercise regimen. He consumes no more than 3,100 calories a day, but most of his diet is made up of vegetables. An average meal? Ten pounds of cabbage or broccoli, followed by a gallon or two of water, intended to keep his stomach in fighting shape.

We've heard of scholarships and jobs to help pay for college. It's great to hear that eating is an option, too!