Cold Stone Creamery Expands to Turkey

Staff Writer
Cold Stone Creamery opens a location in its 25th country

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

The Sweet Berry Tea Cake is one of the many innovated flavors Cold Stone Creamery has created and shared around the world.

Cold Stone Creamery celebrates is 25th birthday with international growth into Turkey, the brand’s 25th country. 

Kahala, Cold Stone’s parent company, reached an agreement with Ulker Golf, the biggest ice cream producer in Turkey, with and hopes to open 15 stores over the next five years. 

International growth for Cold Stone began in November 2005 with expansion into Tokyo. Today Cold Stone has more than 420 international locations in 25 countries including South Korea, Kuwait, the Philippines, Trinidad, Nigeria, Egypt and Brazil.

Ice cream consumption per capita has been growing in Turkey which makes it a solid location for Cold Stone to expand its innovate ice cream concept. For Turkish consumers, it will mean more sophisticated flavors will soon be available.

“We trust that this partnership with Cold Stone Creamery will be quite popular as the brand offers a unique premium ice-cream experience where consumers can create a customized flavor of their preference on the spot. We believe that Turkish guests will love the delicious and entertaining Cold Stone Creamery experience,” said Orhan Ozokur, Chairman of the Ulker Golf board, in a press release on June 11.

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Both Cold Stone and Ulker strive to provide the best customer service. Together they will create a strong partnership and bring “ultimate ice cream experience” to even more people.