Coca-Cola-Flavored Wine Hits French Market

Everyone has a go-to mixer; from tonic to juice to soda. These add-ins make for some perfect cocktails, but would you go so far to mix a soda flavor with your precious wine?

According to Time, French wine producer Haussmann Famille launched the wine Rouge Sucette this month. The wine, which translates to "red lollipop," is a unique combination of three-fourths grapes from the Bordeaux region and one-fourth a mix of water, sugar, and cola flavoring (citrus oils, cinnamon, vanilla, and something designed to add an acidic flavor). The alcohol content of this wine is a bit lower than usual at nine percent (a French Bordeaux will usually range between 12.5 and 13.5 percent).

Pauline Lacombe, director of marketing for Haussmann Famille, said in a release, "The result is surprising. It tastes very fresh. The balance between the bitterness of the wine and the sugar of the cola is perfect."

This isn't the first time Europeans have mixed the flavors of cola and wine; kalimotxo is a drink traceable to the Basque Country (a region along the border of France and Spain). The New York Times describes it as having a sangria-like flavor.

According to La Pêche, Haussmann Famille also offers a grapefruit-flavored rosé and chestnut-flavored white wine. The bottle sells for €2.95 (roughly $3.80).