Coffee, Wine, and Sushi vs. Pregnancy and More News

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In today's Media Mix, is the US obesity problem being exported? Plus, food dyes now made from (shocker) food

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A new book says wine, sushi, and coffee in moderation might not be that risky for pregnant women.

Check out the headlines you may have missed.

New Book on Pregnancy: According to the latest book advising pregnant women, an occasional alcoholic drink, coffee in moderation, and sushi dinners won't necessarily hurt your baby. [AP]

Food Dyes From Food: Good news naturalists; instead of synthetic food coloring, natural food coloring from purple potatoes, black carrots, or purple carrots is now on the rise. [Laboratory Equipment]

Obesity: An International Epidemic: Americans might be getting the blame for spreading obesity beyond the country borders; Mexico has just surpassed U.S. obesity rates (32.8 percent), while 45 percent of Qatari adults are clinically obese. [Global Travel Industry News]

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Kate Gosselin's New Cookbook: In a case of, "Oh that's what she's doing," reality start Kate Gosselin is releasing a cookbook later this month. Unfortunately, the book is only number 5,724 on Amazon's most popular book list (up from 16,359). [RadarOnline/Amazon]