Coffee Vs. Tea: What You Should Drink For The Most Health Benefits

It's the age-old dilemma: coffee or tea? On one hand, we have a much professed love for coffee. On the other hand, tea has the other half of our hearts. So, which to choose early in the morning? 

Despite their many differences, you'd be hard-pressed to find two beverages that are healthier for you. Numerous studies have shown the health benefits of coffee, and the many diseases drinking coffee regularly can prevent. Tea is no different; from diabetes to Alzheimer's, it seems tea can prevent it all. And these drinks do as much for the body as they do for the mind. Ever noticed just how much a cup of coffee or a cup of tea can do for your mood

Coffee and tea are packed with lots of antioxidants and chemicals, like ECGC in green tea, that will improve your health. Still unsure what to drink? Read on, thanks to our infographic from coffee lover and blogger Ryoko