The Coffee Studio: Best Coffee in Chicago

Best Coffee in Chicago

The Coffee Studio is a sleek, modern coffee shop expertly crafting delicious drinks and snacks that persuade you to come in and stay a while.

The shops website says, “Making great coffee isn’t rocket science. But it’s not exactly child’s play either.” This coffee shop takes the craft seriously without making it too pretentious or intimidating. The website also states that since the shop isn’t an importer or roaster of beans, they can skillfully focus on their handcrafted award-winning coffees. The baristas are friendly and very helpful. They serve Intelligentsia coffee and tea, a great and reliable Chicago-based roaster. They don’t serve large sizes of espresso drinks, which is actually probably a favor to caffeine addicts.

The shop also has a great selection of candies, beer, wine, and small plates. The beer selection offered in the evenings is pretty extensive for a coffee shop. Free Wi-Fi is available with any purchase, so feel free to come in with a group of friends or by yourself to get some work done.