Coffee Shop Tour: The Best of Nashville

Where to sit, relax, and drink amazing coffee

On top of a buzzing music scene, honky tonk scene, and cocktail scene remains one scene that keeps everyone in Nashville happy: the coffee scene. Just as the bar scene continues to grow in Nashville, these four coffee shops has everyone coming back for more: 

Barista Parlor
Located in East Nashville, Barista Parlor is a coffee shop with unique décor and artwork and some of the best coffee products on the market. They have teamed up with Porter Road Butcher to prepare fresh and tasty breakfast sandwiches and casseroles, along with offering unique chocolates from around the world.
519 Gallatin Avenue; Nashville, Tenn. 37206

This funky coffeehouse is the heart and soul of Hillsboro Village. Fido draws a mix of Vandy students, Music Row execs, musicians and neighborhood locals. Coffee is the main attraction, but large sandwiches and all-day breakfasts are crowd pleasers.
1812 21st Ave. S.; Nashville, Tenn. 37212

A coffee brewtique at its finest, Crema focuses on the fundamental elements as the baristas use small-bath roasted beans, precise methods, and superior equipment to hand-craft the finest coffee and espresso.
15 Hermitage Ave.; Nashville, Tenn. 37204


Frothy Monkey
With a selection of coffees and teas from all over the world, as well as a delicious breakfast and lunch menu filled with local ingredients, the Frothy Monkey is a popular neighborhood spot.
2509 12th Ave. S.; Nashville, Tenn. 37204