Coffee Makes People Happy, Study Says (And Surprises No One)

"My cup of coffee is making me super grumpy" — said no one ever. Now, more research is linking your state of mind to the cup of joe in your hand. 

German researchers found in their study that participants who had the caffeine equivalent of two to three cups of coffee were able to point out positive words in a series, but couldn't point out the negative ones as easily. The Daily Mail reports that it's all about the caffeine, as caffeine can help boost mental function. The researchers believe that the caffeine stiumlates the part of the brain associated with happiness. "Although caffeine improves some mental functions, our study shows this may be specific for certain types of stimuli, like only positive words," said researcher Lars Kuchinke to the Daily Mail. 

Granted, it's not shown whether caffeine from teas or other drinks (God forbid, energy drinks) would have the same effect on the brain. However, a study last year published in the Archives of Internal Medicine reported that coffee drinkers had 20 percent lower risk of developing depression.