Coffee and Dessert Make a Smashing Pair

This California Restaurant is Introducing Coffee and Dessert Pairings

Wine and food pairings are so last year: the next time you're at dinner, instead of asking the waiter which wine pairs best with your meal, you might be inquiring as to which coffee will complement your pot de crème. Michael Warring, owner and head chef of the eponoymous high-end restaurant in Vallejo, Calif., has decided to pair up with speciality coffee roaster Fabrice Moschetti to revolutionize his dessert menu.

There will be four single origin coffees — Ethiopian, Guatemalan, Sumatra and decaf Sumatra — each paired to specific dessert.  The desserts range from a cinnamon crème brulee to a classic chocolate tart. Each cup will be brewed to order and treated exactly as you expect one might handle a find wine. You can also order the coffee and desserts separately, if you aren’t feeling up to what are sure to be heady combinations.

The Michael Warring Restaurant offers a prix fixe dinner menu, with four courses, for $50.  He enjoys highlighting fresh produce with an eye to seasonality, so you can be sure the dessert menu will follow suit.