Coffee 101: The French Press

Watch this video demonstrating how to make perfect French Press coffee

The French press is my favorite way to make coffee, yielding a rich, strong — if not a bit gritty — cup. It’s fairly simple and takes little time; everyone has their own way of making it; some like it strong, others a little lighter. Some extract the grounds prior to pouring, others enjoy the fullness of the grounds in the mouth. It definitely takes some finessing before one finds their perfect ratios.

I consulted Brooklyn Roasting Company’s Michael Pollack on how to make the perfect French press, as their DUMBO café features French presses on the menu. He gave me some advice, such as pumping the grounds to distribute, rather than stirring. He also recommended a helpful coffee to water ratio, which I found created the perfect strength of cup. He advised using 18 grams of coffee for a three-cup pot, 30 grams for a four-cup, and 60 grams for a large eight-cup French press. I used this advice when I made my morning french press, and here’s how it went!


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