Cocktails We're Loving: The Brooklyn and the Aviation

Our Culinary Content Network nails these 2 beloved cocktail recipes

The improved Aviation cocktail.

We're always on the prowl for classic cocktails (even on a Monday afternoon), and we can't wait to mix up these new recipes at five o'clock... somewhere. The cocktail masterminds on our Culinary Content Network have two takes on the classic cocktails we love, the Brooklyn and the Aviation. 

If you love Manhattans, you'll love the borough cousin to the rye whiskey-based drink. The Brooklyn uses a hard-to-find bitter, Amer Picon, but it's an ingredient that makes the trouble worth it. Says Julie Niesen Gosdin the voice behind the blog Wine Me, Dine Me, says of the Brooklyn, "It's much less sweet than a Manhattan, a little spicier, and a little more complex. It’s darn tasty and, since I now have the ingredients, will go into my cocktail rotation." Click here to find the recipe for the Brooklyn cocktail. 

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Our love for the Aviation cocktail is well known, but Shake and Strain's Elana Lepkowski shares an updated version of the gin cocktail. With a new recipe from Cocktail Techniques by Kazuo Uyeda, she says it's now a drink that's anything but boring. "The resulting cocktail has more layers of flavor," she says. "They are not loud, in your face flavors, but they balance the drink out considerably." Lesson learned: if you're not a fan of the drink, remix it with something new. Click here for the recipe for the Aviation cocktail. the daily