Cocktails for Every Father

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Father's Day cocktails from every decade
Hillary Sheinbuam

Father's Day cocktails.

Regardless if your dad, grandpa, or another significant fatherly figure first became a proud papa at the turn of the century or in 2013, there's a drink for each and every one of them.

Whether the macho men in our lives prefer an ice-cold Stella Artois Cider or a nice aged Scotch, we gladly toast to the genuine guys who taught us to how throw a baseball, gracefully walked us down the aisle, and/or gave his best advice (which perhaps we should drink for following…).

So we've compiled a plethora of picks for the male parent who helped us grow to our present selves. Thanks pops!

The 1940s — Herradura Sunshine Punch
After a rough stock market crash in 1929 — and the following decade dealing with the Great Depression — everyone could have used a little bit more sunshine, and Herradura Sunshine Punch, in their lives. Perhaps grandpa survived these harsh and trying times — to which he deceives a glass, or two… hey, the recipe makes 20 servings!

The1950s — Gentleman's Delight
In honor of 1953's Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn Monroe proclaimed "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend." The Gentleman's Delight (created by San Francisco mixologist Duggan McDonnell) isn't as pricey, but it will put a similar smile on Dad's face.

The 1960s — Spring Thyme
With so many music festivals, peace, love, and spring were always in the air. If pops prefers popping open a Mike's Hard Lemonade Shandy, we'll admire his counterculture and experimental attitude. If he's feeling really groovy, and a bit more earthy, we'll positively suggest this festive concoction by Quinn Stephenson of Coyote Café, The Den and Geronimo.

The 1970s — The Godfather
To our own godfathers — and the family men who starred in the 1972 film — we toast. Quoting Michael (Al Pacino), "Go ahead. Drink. Drink."

The1980s — The Big Apple Cocktail
Perfect for a New York City dad — or to celebrate the launch of Macintosh computers in 1984 — The Liquid Chef Junior Merino has developed a way for daddy to transport back to yesteryear of MTV, a decade of hair bands and early Madonna (no Delorean required).

The1990s — The Golfing Buddy
Before Adam Sandler became a father, his 1996 golf comedy Happy Gilmore had Dad in stitches. That same year, Tiger Woods went pro and suddenly our old man took a liking to golf clubs and putting greens. We took a liking to the golf cart.

The 2000s — Sunny Weather (Beltempo)
Dad may have not understood our obsession loudly blasting Rihanna's "Umbrella" on repeat in 2007, but it likely made him hope for sunnier skies and a cocktail. PS: You can [still] stand under my umbrella, ella ella, ay ay ay.

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The Present Day — Warm Fuzzy
Ultimately, Father's Day is about celebrating the guys that make us feel protected and loved. Our courageous caretakers tend to make us feel warm and fuzzy, so lastly, we list the Santa Fe Hotel St. Francis cocktail to show Dad how we feel (in addition to tipsy, after this long list of liquor-filled recipes).