Coca-Cola Releases Anti-Obesity Ad, 'Coming Together'

Watch the advertisement, in which the soda company addresses the obesity crisis for the first time

Yesterday, we reported the surprising news that Coca-Cola was focusing on obesity in their new ad, surprising not just because soda isn't the healthiest thing in the world, but also because of the recent anti-obesity wave against soda (see: Bloomberg's soda ban).

So here it is: the ad, which popped up on YouTube, stresses Coca-Cola's history of soft drink production, as well as their increase in low-calories choices. "We have not done a good enough job in telling our story and being consistent in telling our story," representative Diana Garza Ciarlante told AP. That story, it seems includes the moves Coca-Cola has made to supposedly help the obesity crisis — namely offering zero-calorie and low-calorie sodas, and replacing normal sodas in schools with those low-calorie options (and water and juice).

There's bragging of reducing beverage calorie counts in schools by 90 percent, helping scientists discover alternative sugars like Truvia, and reducing calories per serving in the industry by 22 percent. (It's not all Coca-Cola, but they helped, they say).

Watch the entire ad below, especially as the company stresses that "all calories count, no matter where they come from." So exercise, and then drink a Coke.