Coca-Cola Recipe May Be Revealed And More News

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Coca-Cola Recipe on Sale: A treasure hunter claims to have found an old Coca-Cola recipe and is now auctioning it off for $5 miillion. Coca-Cola isn't even bothering to look at it, because the real one is still safe, the company says. [Gawker]

Restaurants Worse Than Fast Food: Think going to a mom-and-pop restaurant is healthier than going to a fast-food joint? Restaurants still have more than 1,300 calories a plate, but you may be saving on the preservatives. [NYDN]

Does Lowering Salt Help? A new study questions whether lowering salt intake is actually beneficial. [Boston Herald]

'The Taste' Renewed: The Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson cooking competition is renewed, to the surprise of many. [Eater]