Coca-Cola Makes Coke Bottles Out of Ice

The new ice Coke bottles seem cool, but there are problems of wastefulness and hygiene

Coke is now served one step further than "on the rocks"

Ice-cold beverage has taken on a whole new meaning.

Just in time for summer, Coca-Cola recently released bottles made entirely out of ice in Columbia. The company boasts that this “greener” form of packaging is a change from the plastic bottles that usually associate the group with pollution. Instead, these bottles simply melt away. In a commercial, the Coke is shown served with a ring that collapses around the bottle to protect hands from the cold.

Though better for the environment than plastic bottles, the ice bottles, or “Botella de Hielo” as they are known in Columbia, are making people ask whether they’re wasteful. Because water is a precious resource, with nearly one billion people worldwide without access to it, many wonder if ice bottles are a bit wasteful. Among other concerns are the extra energy that comes with shipping ice, as refrigeration is a high expense, and. cleanliness, asice can absorb dirt and germs from drinkers’ hands, melting inward into the Coke.


Though these “cool” bottles may be a nice way to enjoy a Coke on a hot day, perhaps a few ice cubes in a reusable cup might be better for all.