Clinton Street Baking Company: Pancakes, All Day Every Day

Pancakes, All Day Every Day

When it comes to pancake cravings, Clinton Street Baking Company satisfies. After they offered me a sample of their pancakes in front of their restaurant, I needed more. The smell of breakfast fills the small restaurant. It may get a bit crowded and the tables are set close to each other, but the warm, homey atmosphere makes up for it.

The Wild Maine Blueberry Pancakes are served with a handful of blueberry compote and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. More blueberries are embedded in the pancakes. Three pancakes come with one order and there’s plenty enough to share (that is, if you’re willing to). The main star is the warm maple butter. It brings the pancake to the next level, making it a warm, buttery sweet delight.

I usually prefer plain pancakes, but I would be willing to order the blueberry pancakes just to taste the maple butter again. There’s no rush to make it in time for pancakes— they serve them all day — but you just might want to anyway.