Clever Chili Party Tips

With fall underway, let’s get a head start on the one of the season's heartiest dishes: chili

In the fall and winter months, things sometimes tend to get heavier: your clothes, your waistline, and the dishes that you indulge in. 

While we’re excited about roasts, stews, and Crock-Pot recipes, we’re even more excited about fall’s best crowd-pleaser: chili. There are tons of chili recipes and we think it’s always a good idea to stack your bash with multiple variations, so guests can sample different flavors and decide what they really like. 

Here are some ideas for throwing your own chili bash: 

• What you need: Pottery Barn has you covered on essentials with their chili round-up

• Pairing: Serving chili with beer? Throw in a football game Sunday and we’d call that a success. 

• Chili How You Want It: Chili nachos, chili fries, chili pasta, chili dogs: A full-on DIY chili bar. That is brilliance at its best. 

• Cook-Off: You can’t have chili without having a cook-off. However, this is one extremely organized cook-off if we do say so. 

• A Chili Party Menu: Amanda Glendinning's menu of hearty chili and treats for her perfect Chili Party.

• Host Your Own Chili Party: Easier done, then said — yes you read that correctly. 

If you're looking for an excuse to invite your friends over to enjoy the the crisp autumn air, bob for apples, or just dust off your favorite chili recipe, hosting your own chili party, complete with seasonal flavors and décor, is easier than you think!