Best of New Orleans #19: Clancy’s

Clancy’s is one of the best restaurants in New Orleans

Every day during the month of August, we’re highlighting one restaurant from our recent ranking of the 31 Best Restaurants in New Orleans. Today’s restaurant, Clancy's, is #11 on our list. 

Since the beginning of the last century, the space on the corner of Annunciation and Webster has been either a restaurant, bar, or both, and since the 1940’s it has been the home Clancy’s. Originally a typical po’boy eatery and local watering hole, it underwent a transformation in 1983 when it was sold to new owners outside of the original family. As one of the first Creole bistros in the city, Clancy’s revolutionized the New Orleans dining scene with a menu boasting sweetbreads with Marsala and mushrooms, crawfish and corn soup, crabmeat Carondelet salad, and sautéed veal with fried oysters and a crystal Hollandaise sauce.