City Winery Chicago Opens

Add City Winery Chicago to the list of bars in Chicago: the second after City Winery New York, the Chicago location is now ready for wine-loving customers.

Among its features in the 33,500-square-foot space? A sound-controlled music room, repurposed wooden seating, 14 wines on tap, a private dining space, and a stage for concerts. Not to mention that it's an actual winery: the space can hold up to 6,000 cases of fermenting wine, reports Chicagoist. Said Michael Dorf to Chicagoist, the winery will feature the country's best wines, from California, Oregon, and New York. 

It sounds like a sweet new place, minus two problems: Chicago Magazine reports that the lines for the bar were predictably "a mess" on busy nights, plus the sound system wasn't up to speed. But after its first night, we imagine the winery will become as popular as the City Winery New York location. 

(Photo Modified: Flickr/Shannon)