Cindy Pawlcyn on Mustards Grill's 30th Anniversary and What's Next

The chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author dishes on her California restaurants
Cindy Pawlcyn on Mustards' 30th Anniversary and What's Next

The Chef, Restaurateur and Cookbook Author dishes on her California restaurants

Cindy Pawlcyn

Napa, Calif., cuisine is often synonymous with Cindy Pawlcyn — so much so that it’s hard to believe that Mustards Grill is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary! But don’t think she’ll let the moment pass by unannounced. Instead, Pawlcyn is marking the occasion with lots and lots of cake. "One of the first things we decided to do is 30 days of birthday cake, because I love birthday cake and I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t also love birthday cake," she said. "So May 16, a month before, we’re starting with cakes at all three restaurants."

Pawlcyn is proud to have been there from the beginning and to see the vast changes that have occurred since she started cooking in Napa. "The whole Napa valley [has changed] in the last 30 years — when I moved out here there were still cattle ranches and orchards and a dairy farm," she said. "And there were all these different kind of things and then it went through a phase where it was all vineyards and olive trees and now it’s gotten back to the phase where it’s farm-to-table, which I find funny because Mustards’ garden was planted 30 years ago."


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