Cinco de Mayo: The Best Drinks

Margaritas and more for Cinco de Mayo!

From classic margaritas to moonshine cocktails.

Getting ready for a stellar Cinco de Mayo? We’ve got a whole group of great suggestions for entertaining your friends, creating delicious, authentic Mexican dinners, and whipping up fun Cinco-themed hors d’ouerves in our special section on how to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo: The Best Drinks (Slideshow)

So if you want the absolute best cocktails to serve at your party — or just at home with your sweetheart — you’ve come to the right place.

Our list is a combination of the best of the best to suit all tastes:  Some are easy-to-make sips that you can easily pour into a pitcher for your guests to serve themselves, some are medium-grade-difficulty shaker concoctions, and others are complicated craft cocktails that involve fresh, bespoke ingredients — but are undoubtedly worth the extra effort.

We’ve got classic margaritas that have simply perfect proportions, fun twists with flavors as diverse as tamarind, serrano pepper, blood orange, and coconut. Not all of these drinks are margaritas, either —there’s no law saying you can’t mix up your cocktails on Cinco de Mayo and offer a variety of options (one even includes chartreuse)!

Citrónge Margarita Recipe

Give your margarita an authentic twist by using genuine Mexican orange liqueur. This cocktail uses Patrόn Citronge, an orange liqueur made in Jalisco, Mexico. Characterized by its clear, bright color and aroma of fresh, sweet, and bitter oranges with floral notes, this liqueur brings a crisp, orange flavor to your margarita for the perfect balance of sweet and sour, making it the ideal cocktail to serve at your Cinco de Mayo party.

Click here for the Citrónge Margarita Recipe

Casa Noble Blood Orange Margarita Recipe

Blood oranges are always just a little bit better than the regular kind (such a lush color!), and a spicy margarita is just a little bit better than a regular one. This margarita has it all.

Click here for the Casa Noble Blood Orange Margarita Recipe


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