'Church of Beer' Built At Copenhagen Festival

Staff Writer
A massive structure called the 'Church of Beer' was erected at a European festival

The Church of Beer

While Americans debate whether beer and God belong together, it appears Europeans already believe that the two are divinely connected.

A giant “holy structure” called “The Church of Beer” was unveiled at the Roskilde Festival, a music and cultural festival near Copenhagen, according to The Atlantic.

The structure was built by German architecture firm Umschichten by using thousands of beer cans from volunteers. The structure created a shelter-like structure to shield “parishioners” from the rest of the festival. Or to chug beer and pass out, who knows.

Those at the festival say that there was no trouble in building the holy walls because festival-goers were quick an enthusiastic to aid with construction building it with such speed and precision that it reminded one festival goer of the Mason Family, according to The Atlantic. Yikes.

The rowdy place of worship fit in perfectly with the rest of the eclectic festival which featured “exorcisms, nude piles, drag-yoga and colorful parade,” according to The Atlantic.

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Sadly, the holy shrine met its maker following the festival, and was melted down and recycled.