Eva Longoria's Chunky Guacamole With Serrano Peppers Recipe

Eva Longoria's Chunky Guacamole With Serrano Peppers Recipe
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Among all the dishes I make, this one is definitely a favorite. This is why the batch is so big — no one can stop eating it! I have a few tricks that give my guacamole great flavor and texture. First and most important, I use lemon, not lime, juice. Lemon has a little sweetness that brings out all the other flavors. Also key is that I never skimp on the lemon or the kosher salt. I sometimes laugh that I basically make a salty lemonade for the avocado and other ingredients to swim in — trust me, it makes all the difference! Serrano peppers give it a great kick, much better than jalapeños. And finally, never stir as you add each ingredient to the bowl or the guacamole will become too watery. This is especially beautiful served in a dish that shows off the guacamole’s green, white, and red, such as a molcajete — a Mexican mortar and pestle — or a bright and fun serving bowl. Serve with tortilla chips for an appetizer or on top of steak. Click here to see the Best and Worst Celebrity Cookbooks story.