Christopher Kimball Says ‘I Do’ to Melissa Baldino

The couple is a driving force at America’s Test Kitchen (and now at their own dinner parties, too)

Christopher Kimball married Melissa Baldino in Cambridge, Mass., this past weekend, reports The New York Times in a wedding announcement.

Kimball is the founder and president of America’s Test Kitchen, which produces the eponymous radio and television shows and publishes the home cook’s bible Cook’s Illustrated. Baldino is the executive producer of both shows, the television version of which is the most-watched cooking show on public television.

According to The Times, the couple met when Baldino interviewed at America’s Test Kitchen to be Kimball’s assistant in 2002. She did not get the job until two months later, when the woman Kimball had previously hired quit.


"It wasn’t planned," Baldino told The Times on falling for Kimball. "One day at the office, I called a meeting with him, and I said, 'Um, you might want to fire me, but I love you.'" Instead of firing her, Kimball, who was in the final stages of a divorce, returned the sentiment, and proposed in March 2013.