Christmas Goose Making a Comeback

Sales of traditional holiday bird through the roof this year
Christmas Goose
Wikimedia Commons/Jürgen Howaldt

The Christmas Goose is making a big comeback in 2012

The Christmas Goose is back.

The bird, which was once a mainstay of Christmas dinners worldwide, is having a resurgence this year as more and more families are looking for an alternative to the usual turkey or ham.

Retailers and farmers are claiming that demand for the fowl this year is higher than ever, according to The Fresno Bee. Sanger, Calif.’s Pittman Family Farms, which began selling geese three years ago and now supplies it to Whole Foods stores across the country, has sold over 3,000 this season alone, a 20% increase from recent years.

There’s no definitive reason as to why demand for the Christmas goose has increased, but it’s most likely due to a combination of factors. A goose is substantial enough to feed a family, and it’s also right in that happy medium between old-fashioned and traditional, and new and exciting. More home cooks are also becoming more adventurous, and might be looking for a change of pace from old standbys ham and turkey.

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As to whether or not these experiments with a new bird will become family traditions, that remains to be seen: geese are, in general, much fattier than turkeys, are more difficult to cook, and can have a surprisingly rich flavor. If prepared properly, though, the bird can be a real crowd pleaser.