Christmas Drink Gifts for Everyone

A last-minute Christmas gift guide that won’t disappoint

Buying holiday gifts last minute doesn't need to be stressful.

I relish Christmas shopping — you get all the pleasure of hunting and spending (and stimulating the economy) with none of the guilt of self-indulgence. But sometimes you worry about present inequality. After all, you can't offer one brother an iPad and the other one a bathrobe.

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If your family is like mine, however, giving the gift of liquor can be a wonderful equalizer. Everyone appreciates a nice, shiny new bottle of their favorite stuff — and baby, it's cold outside! They might even be willing to share (though, of course, you should act surprised if they offer). So I'm making my list and checking it twice, but taking no points off for naughty, when it comes to drinking.

Here are my "Spirits of Christmas Present." Unless your last name is Cratchit, you'd better plan on having more than just holiday punch on Dec. 25, so I'm recommending everything from a spicy, seasonal Sam Adams brew to a smoky Pendleton whiskey. A gin! A wine! Even tea! You might just find that one of these makes the perfect present under your own tree, and with a good liquor store nearby, Christmas gifts can be one-stop shopping.


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