Christina Hendricks' Favorite Whisky

When it comes to drinking, Christina Hendricks' Mad Men character is known for being able to keep up with the boys. But it seems her off-screen persona is a whisky lover as well. As the new representative for Johnnie Walker, Hendricks sat down with The Daily Meal at the House of Walker in Los Angeles for a private whisky tasting. Along with Master of Whisky Stephen Wilson, she walked us through different ways to get the most enjoyment out of each of the Johnnie Walker labels.

At the end of the tasting, though, the conclusion was that whether you prefer to have your whisky on the rocks, neat, chilled, or with a splash of water, there really is no wrong way to enjoy the drink. What makes whisky so fun is the opportunity to experiment and to see how your own unique palate reacts to different whiskies. Hendricks' favorite? Black Label on the rocks.

After the tasting, we had a chance to sit down briefly with Hendricks to chat about... well, what else? Whisky. With whisky's rising popularity, we were curious to see why she thought this trend is resonating so much with women. "It's bold. It's a statement," Hendricks said. "Especially around guys, it really gets their attention."

So if that put you in the mood for some whisky, Hendricks shared one of her favorite recipes, served at her own holiday parties:

The Gold Label Frost

1 ounce Johnnie Walker Gold Label
5 ounces apple cider
Dash apple bitters
Garnish with a lemon peel