Chrissy Teigen Is Hungrily Recreating A Lost Recipe From KFC Thailand

The right food can bring you back to a time and place in your life like nothing else. Model and author Chrissy Teigen reached out on Twitter on Feb. 27 hoping that KFC could help her recreate a taste treat the chicken restaurant once served up in Thailand. But when the chain couldn't immediately help her, Teigen took matters into her own competent hands.

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"Please KFC, I need your help," she wrote in a tweet. "15 years ago, I had spicy kee mao chicken at your fine establishment in Thailand. I've been there a few times since and no one ever knows what I'm talking about. I want to recreate the recipe as it is a major happy memory for me. please help."

She went on to describe the dish in terms that are familiar to anyone who's ever been shocked that the internet doesn't hold every single one of our food memories.

"At this point I just need to know it existed," Teigen wrote. "It was before social media and I can't find a single photo of it. just crispy kee mao fried chicken. It had such distinct seasonings. I beg you."

Teigen later described the chicken dish further.

"If you've ever had MAMA brand tom-yum flavored ramen noodles (very specific, I know) it's almost like if you took the tom yum seasoning packet and shook fried chicken in it," she wrote.

Both KFC's US and Thai Twitter accounts assured Teigen they'd look into it.

"We will figure this out together," the US KFC account tweeted.


But Teigen wasn't letting things rest in the meantime. On March 2, she took her own idea of using ramen seasoning packets and tried cooking chicken with it, then declared it a "FAIL."


She next tried a tom yum paste-coated chicken and announced it was "HIDEOUS but delicious."

The Daily Meal checked in with KFC on March 4, and while the company knew of the quest, they had no new info to share. While we await updates, check out 10 crazy secrets your favorite fast-food chains don't want you to know.