Why ‘Chopped’ Only Has One Ice Cream Maker, Explained by Marcus Samuelsson

The food show could certainly afford multiple machines, but there’s a reason they don’t want more
Marcus Samuelsson/ice-cream maker
Left: Marcus Samuelsson; Right: istockphoto.com

The popular Food Network show Chopped blends cooking shows, game shows, and a little bit of reality TV. Participants must create dishes using unusual combinations of ingredients that are then tasted by a panel of judges, typically creating an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. And one particular dessert, ice cream, often makes contestants’ hopes melt like a Fudgsicle in the sun — because there’s only one ice cream machine available on set.

The show could obviously afford more than one ice cream machine, but celebrity chef and Chopped judge Marcus Samuelsson revealed recently that the show likes things the way they are.

When asked about the solo machine at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado, Samuelsson gave the answer that was already obvious to who’s ever watched a reality show.

“We want it to be a run for that, right?” he told Food & Wine. “It’s really for creating that level of semi-chaos. It’s really like cooking on a treadmill. It’s not easy at all.”

In other words, chill out, contestants. You had to expect a rocky road on the way to victory.

Samuelsson also discussed some of the more unusual foods he’s eaten on the show. “I had rat that was not good,” he said. “I’ve had lamb testicles, and that was very good. And the other week, I had pig uterus that was good.”

Let’s just hope none of those were put through the ice cream maker. But you don’t have to be a judge on Chopped to try tasty and unusual ice cream creations, including the best new ice cream flavors for 2018

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