Try Not To Laugh Watching This Choir Sing 'O Come All Ye Faithful' After Eating Ghost Peppers

It was a Christmas miracle that the Denmark Herning Boys Choir was able to get through their rendition of "O Come, All Ye Faithful" after eating ghost peppers. The choir was challenged by the seemingly sadistic Danish YouTuber Chili Klaus (real name Claus Pilgaard), who runs a YouTube channel featuring video challenges of people from all walks of life eating some of the hottest chili peppers imaginable.

Pilgaard is a musician, actor, comedian, and owner of a chile-based product line, and was once a member of the Herning Boys Choir. That must have been how he got this group of young men to eat the spicy peppers, which currently rank as the seventh hottest in the world.

The hilarious video begins with the boys choir singing the hymn rather gorgeously, only for them to stop, display their various colorful peppers, and swallow them whole. The tears and red faces begin almost instantly. Amidst a few choir members coughing and crying, the group still manages to sound nothing short of angelic. So really, we can't feel too bad for laughing.

It's pretty crazy that all of Pilgaard's spicy pepper challenges haven't made Denmark one of the 15 best countries for spicy food lovers, but perhaps converting an entire country should be the next step on his ghost pepper journey!