Japanese Company Releases Chocolate-Flavored Instant Noodles

Chocolate-flavored instant noodles are a thing that exists now
chocolate instant yakisoba noodles


A Japanese company is releasing a special chocolate-flavored variety of instant noodles just in time for Valentine's Day.

The usefulness of Japan’s new toast-sized, pre-sliced sheets of chocolate was immediately obvious, but not all Japan’s chocolate inventions are such feats of genius. One company has just introduced a chocolate-flavored instant noodle preparation that is certainly creative, but it remains to see if anyone will actually want to put it in their mouths.

According to Rocket News 24, one of Japan’s most popular purveyors of instant noodles just announced that next month it will be adding a chocolate sauce with cinnamon option to its instant lineup of fried noodles. The company has several flavors of instant fried noodles available already, including spicy cod roe, mayonnaise, and even pizza-flavored fried noodles, but chocolate is a bit out-there even in that company.

The chocolate-flavored fried noodles come out in time for Valentine’s Day and are reportedly designed with three types of chocolate. First, the standard savory yakisoba sauce is mixed with additional cocoa powder and coffee flavoring. Then there’s a container of chocolate sauce to pour over the noodles. Finally, there’s a special packet of chocolate chips and cinnamon to sprinkle on top, because at that point there’s no reason not to just throw chocolate chips on top of everything.

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The flavors may sound a bit out-there, but the company maintains that the sweet and salty combination is actually very tasty and appealing.