Chocolate Chip Cookies Coming To A KFC Near You

Kentucky Fried Chicken is offering a Festive Feast this holiday season, including eight pieces of the Colonel's famous fried chicken, two home-style sides, four flaky biscuits, and a new, unexpected item — a dozen chocolate chip cookies. Though this $19.99 deal is definitely good news for families during this crazy time of year, we at The Daily Meal are most excited about those cookies.

KFC's taking a welcome step into sweet treats with classic chocolate chip, but they've also developed Original Recipe Cookies — that is, they're adding Original Recipe fried chicken seasoning to chocolate chip cookies. While these limited-edition treats aren't available in-store, you can vote online to add them to menus nationwide.

"Move over bacon cupcakes! There's a new sweet and savory treat in town," says Bob Das, KFC's corporate chef. Still skeptical? The Daily Meal bit the bullet and tasted some of these Original Recipe Cookies. While the reactions ranged from great to gross, our tasters agreed — if you're a fan of bacon cupcakes, these cookies will hit the sweet (and savory!) spot.