Chipotle to Voluntarily Label GMO

The Mexican chain is the first in the nation to label all their genetically modified ingredients

Following in the footsteps of Ben & Jerry's and Whole Foods, who will voluntarily label (and hopefully will get rid of) genetically modified ingredients, Chipotle has quietly taken to its website to identify what products contain GMOS, and what don't.

On the "Ingredients Statement" on its website, Natural News reports, Chipotle outlines which food products still contain GMOS, including barbacoa, chicken, fajita vegetables, rice, steak, and tortillas. While the base meats and ingredients may not be genetically modified, the company products are still labeled as genetically modified because they're fried with soybean oil, which is primarily made with genetically modified soybeans.


Of course, the company is hoping to phase out all GMO ingredients eventually, switching from soybean oil to GMO-free sunflower oil when possible. And while they don't have a timeline for when they may be GMO-free, it's good to know that at least the information is already online (Whole Foods has vowed to have all GMO-laced products labeled by 2018). We wonder if these markers will be in-stores, too.