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Chipotle Is Testing Removing Chorizo from Its Menu to Make Room for Queso

Are people willing to sacrifice chorizo for queso? Chipotle wants to know
chipotle mexican grill

Nobody should be forced to choose between chorizo and queso, but Chipotle might be making us do just that. The chain is reportedly looking into the prospect of taking chorizo off the menu to make room for queso and other new items.

A good sausage is a treasure, and chorizo is one of the best. Chipotle added the spicy chicken and pork sausage blend to its restaurants nationwide last year, but somehow customers have not warmed to it. According to Business Insider, chorizo is the least popular protein on the Chipotle menu. It accounts for just three percent of meals sold.

Now Chipotle is considering cutting it to make room for things like queso. People are pretty excited about queso. The Daily Meal staff even tried Chipotle's new queso.

The company is already testing getting rid of chorizo to make room for queso in several markets. In some stores in California the company is adding queso without removing chorizo. In stores in Colorado, they’re taking off the chorizo and adding the queso in its place.

The company has not completely decided to get rid of chorizo yet, though. If you want to save it, now’s the time to buy more chorizo.


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