Chipotle ripoff?


To call this a Chipotle ripoff is like saying Apple invented the smart phone, mp3 player, or tablet computers.

Sure they use an assembly line to prepare and serve your food.

Sure they have menus in which you could choose from.

Whatever, I digress, back to the food.

I've had the carnitas burrito before and I really enjoyed it.  I'd say I enjoy this burrito more than the ones from Chipotle because of the thin mushu pancake like tortilla that's sourced from a local tortilleria in Queens.   Seriously, the Chipotle tortillas are like eating pancakes since they're so thick. The thinner tortillas here really rely on the foil to hold things together and it allows you to focus more on the meat, rice, and cheese filling.

However, some fattys may gripe that they don't offer standard cheese or sour cream.  Instead of a handful of shredded cheese, you get a thin slice of cheese that's steam melted on your tortilla when they warm up that delicate wrapper.  Subtle, but not overpowering.

The burritos here provide a delicate balance of everything all foil wrapped up in a SF Mission Style imported package.