Chipotle Now Has More Than 1 Million Burrito Possibilities

Thanks to their new addition of tofu, their burrito combinations are pretty endless

Sure, Chipotle had a weird sort of Twitter meltdown over the weekend with strangely existential tweets like "do I have a tweet," and sad tweets like "please twitter." But they jumped back with a cheeky PR response, "I'm glad no one went Anthony Weiner on us, but everything seems to be fine," and then introduced a new protein option.

BusinessWeek reports that Chipotle is launching "sofritas," or braised tofu, in all of California, having only tested the organic tofu in Bay Area restaurants in February. The tofu, which is shredded and braised with chipotle chilis, roasted poblano, and spices, now makes up 4 to 5 percent of the sales in California, BusinessWeek reports.

But of course, the addition to tofu is messing with Business Insider's math on how many menu combinations Chipotle has. Before the tofu addition, Chipotle had toppings to create 655,360 different menu items, but we did our own math to get the right numbers, including sofritas. 

Here's the original math from BI:

ITEM: Burrito, Burrito Bowl, Crispy Taco, Soft Taco, Salad (5)
RICE: White, Brown, Both or No (4)
BEANS: Black, Pinto, Both, None (4)
FILLING: Carnitas, Barbacoa, Chicken, Steak, None (5)
GUACAMOLE: Yes or No (2)
SALSA: Corn, Mild, Medium, Hot, None (5)
CHEESE: Yes or No (2)
ROMAINE: Yes or No (2)
SOUR CREAM: Yes or No (2)
VEGGIE: Yes or No (2)

The fillings and salsa could all be combined in various ways (corn and mild, mild and medium, corn and medium, etc.), which creates 16 different combinations for each section. Multiply all of that, and you get 655,360.


What does the addition of tofu do? We whipped out our calculators and figured that the newest menu item doubles the amount of combinations of protein/fillings. So Chipotle now has 1,310,720 different combinations, a number Chipotle fans in the Pacific Northwest can expect soon as tofu starts hitting more stores.