40 Cooks Make World's Biggest Chinese Pumpkin Cake

Chinese cooks made a 13-foot pumpkin cake

40 cooks came together to make the world's biggest Chinese pumpkin cake.

It took 40 cooks, a ton of ingredients, and some construction cranes, but a theme park in China has created the world’s biggest Chinese pumpkin cake.

According to Shanghaiist, the Windows of the World theme park in Changsha, China, commissioned an enormous nan gua bing, or pumpkin cake. It took 40 cooks to chop and mix a ton of pumpkins with raisins, dates, and sugar. The cooks used construction cranes to pour the batter into the specially made giant steam pan, which was 13 feet in diameter.

"It was hard to make such a pumpkin cake of more than 800 kilograms,” said cook Cai Zhenlin. “First, we needed a matching steam pan, and pouring out the paste onto the pan was another problem. If the paste is not evenly poured, we cannot ensure every part of the cake is well steamed."

According to CNC News, the event was inspired by local pumpkin farmers who were distressed that poor sales had left pumpkins rotting in the fields. So they were chopped up and used to make a pumpkin cake that was two and a half inches thick and measured 13 feet in diameter.

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