Mall Lets Customers Trade Eggs For Bras

A mall in Xi'an, China, decided to hold a breast cancer awareness promotion that resulted in the deal of the year when they decided to start selling lingerie in exchange for eggs instead of money.

According to Shanghaiist, during the promotion shoppers could get one bra for bringing in 9 eggs. 9 eggs reportedly sell for approximately 6 yuan, or 96 cents, making those probably the cheapest bras available anywhere.

"The event was held to increase awareness about issues related to women's breasts," department store employees reportedly told a reporter from China Daily.

The eggs brought to exchange for bras will reportedly be sold in the department store's food and grocery center, which does raise some concerns about how the store knows how old the eggs it will be selling are, where they came from, or how they were taken care of before being brought to the store. The store said it plans to sell the eggs for 10 yuan, or $1.60, apiece, which represents a significant markup over their initial value.

Altogether, the store collected around 1,000 eggs from the promotion. Assuming people do buy the eggs, the store said all proceeds from the egg sales would go towards women suffering from breast cancer.