Campus Bans Delivery Vehicles, So Food Vendors Scale Walls

Students were able to buy meals from food vendors who climbed the campus walls

A school banned delivery drivers from entering through the gates, so the vendors simply climbed the walls. 

Students might have been worried when one university in China banned food delivery vehicles from coming onto campus, but the food vendors were not. They simply ditched their delivery vehicles and climbed the campus walls, and students were able to buy as many lunches and snacks as they wanted, and there was nothing the school could do about it.

According to Shanghaiist, the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine announced that it would be barring outside food vendors from driving through the campus gates in the interest of student health and safety. The school maintained that the ban was intended to protect students from being run over by delivery drivers and from consuming unhealthy delivery food. Hungry students were directed to by their meals from campus dining halls instead.

While the campus gates were staffed by guards, the campus itself was bounded by a wall that was only three meters tall, so the local food vendors simply scaled it and sat on top. Students who wanted dumplings or boxed lunches or other meals could simply call out to the vendor on top of the wall, who would hand one down while the campus guards looked on helplessly.

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