China Goes Bananas For New Ice Cream Pop

Here's a new one for you: Nestlé released an ice cream pop in mainland China that doesn't melt — no matter how hot it gets.

The peelable banana-like treat called BenNaNa consists of a gummy outer-layer with a vanilla ice cream core. The outer layer is peeled back like a banana to expose the frozen ice cream treat inside. RocketNews24 in Japan reported on the validity of the claim that the pop stays intact in all conditions, finding that after three hours on the hot pavement, the popsicle did not melt; well sort of. The reporter found that the outer layer remained basically unchanged, while the inside melted like regular ice cream.

Nestlé China is developing a campaign geared towards children to market their new creation, unveiling a microsite based on a magical island created by international marketing company OgilvyOne. The site will be up and running through the end of September 2012.