China Bans Women From Suggestively Eating Bananas Online

China is taking steps to protect children from seeing people eat fruit suggestively


Live-streaming video services in China are reportedly being required to monitor all their users' content for inappropriate material, including videos of women eating bananas.

Sometimes a banana is just a banana, but Internet-monitoring authorities in China are not taking any chances, and this week they announced a ban on videos of women eating bananas in an “erotic” manner.

According to the BBC, live-streaming video services in China are required to monitor the content their users are producing to make sure they aren’t putting anything untoward or “inappropriate” out there. That’s a tall order for any streaming service, especially now that inappropriate content apparently includes suggestive displays of fruit-eating.

The new rules reportedly ban live-stream video performers from wearing stockings and garters while hosting their videos and also from eating bananas “in an erotic manner.” Banana-eating itself is not banned, just doing it in an erotic manner. It remains to be seen if the camera talent finds a way around the no-banana rule or simply moves on to suggestively eating other fruit.