China Arrests 38 for Selling Tainted Chicken Feet

38 people have been arrested for selling tainted chicken feet
Wikimedia/6th Happiness

Police in China seized 33 tons of chicken feet tainted with hydrogen peroxide.

Police in China have busted an enormous chicken foot production ring and arrested 38 people for selling tainted chicken toes, but several suspects are still at large.

Chicken feet are a delicacy, but only when the quality is good. According to Shanghaiist, the illicit chicken foot producers had been caught soaking the chicken feet in hydrogen peroxide as a bleach and antiseptic. The toxic bath reportedly helped make stale chicken feet look more fresh and appetizing. Chicken feet are not the only foods getting peroxide treatment, either. In March, police in Nanjing shut down a pork trotter operation using peroxide to make pig feet look more attractive.

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Police raided several factories in Zhejiang province and seized 33 tons of chicken feet tainted with hydrogen peroxide. 38 people were arrested in the chicken foot operation, but police say they are still looking for 11 more suspects.