Chili's Introducing 'Ziosks' Touch Screens

Diners never have to worry about disappearing waiters again, at least at Chili's. The all-American restaurant chain has phased in something called "Ziosks," which are touchscreens for people to order food, play games, grab dessert, and pay the bill.

CBS reports that kids can play unlimited games for $0.99, which makes customers happy because "it makes it a better family environment, if your kids are entertained and happy," one customer said.

Of course, it must be annoying to compete with games when trying to get your teen's attention, but at least you won't have to worry about getting out of there quickly. Getting rid of certain things like waiting for the bill cuts down meal times, although dining-and-dashing might be easier if you can pay at your table.

Luckily, Chili's representatives claim they won't be cutting their server numbers, saying, "All it's going to do is enhance the guest experience." Not having to deal with surly teenagers bringing you food? Always a plus.