Chili Recipes for Warm Winter Suppers

These crowd-pleasers fit in with every big get-together

Spicy Cozy Chili Bean Soup

What’s the one dish everyone expects at any sport-viewing party? That’s right, chili. We’ve found crowd-pleasing chili recipes that vary from the classic to the white and everything in between. The chili rescue is here.

— mackicayloma, Babble


Chipotle Pumpkin Chili

Use up the last of your pumpkins and add a smoky flavor with chipotle for this super bowl of chili.

Make your own chipotle pumpkin chili.



Spicy, Cozy Chili Bean Soup

Is it chili or is it soup? It's both and a tasty halftime treat.

Make your own spicy cozy chili bean soup.



White Chicken Chili

It may not look like chili, but it will blow your guest away with flavor.

Make your own white chicken chili.




Classic Chili in Cheese Bowls

What's better than a classic chili recipe? A classic chili in a cheese bowl!

Make your own classic chili in cheese bowls.


Killer Beef Red Chili

It's got killer in the title, so it must be a crowd-pleaser. Not to mention, I really want the little cauldron in the photo.

Make your own killer beef red chili.


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